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Coconut Crisis in Kerala? Mainstream Narrative and Alternative Perspectives

Development and Change

Assessing Climate Change and Health Vulnerability at the Local Level: Travis County, Texas

Migration as an adaptive strategy to climate variability: a study of the Tonga-speaking people of Southern Zambia

The 2009/2010 Caribbean Drought - a case study

Self-built ecovillage in L’Aquila (Italy): community resilience as a grassroots response to an environmental shock

The Future of Foreign Aid in a Globalizing World with Climate Change
Global Policy

Creative construction: crafting, negotiating and performing urban food sharing landscapes

Cricket farming as a livelihood strategy in Thailand
The Geographical Journal

Family-based food practices and their intergenerational geographies in contemporary Guangzhou, China
Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers

Drought and Hunger
Africa Research Bulletin: Economic, Financial and Technical Series

The media impact of animal disease on the US meat demand

Impacts of terrain attributes on economics and the environment: costs of reducing potential nitrogen pollution in wheat production
Agricultural Economics

Responding to Global Challenges in Food, Energy, Environment and Water: Risks and Options Assessment for Decision-Making
Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies

Climate Change and Agriculture: Multiple Responses and Responsibilities

Memorable Tourist Experiences and Place Attachment When Consuming Local Food
International Journal of Tourism Research

Host–Guest Orientations of Community-based Tourism Products: A Case Study in Bali, Indonesia
International Journal of Tourism Research

Urban Poverty, Segregation and Social Networks in São Paulo and Salvador, Brazil
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research

Children's consumption behavior in response to food product placements in movies
Journal of Consumer Behaviour

Factors Influencing Pastoral and Agropastoral Household Vulnerability to Food Insecurity in the Drylands of Kenya: A Case Study of Kajiado and Makueni Counties
Journal of International Development

Food Insecurity: The Basic Threat in an Overburdened Region
Middle East Policy

Resource conservation strategies for rice-wheat cropping systems on partially reclaimed sodic soils of the Indo-Gangetic region, and their effects on soil carbon
Natural Resources Forum

Rural poverty, health and food access
Regional Science Policy & Practice

Sustainability and regions: sustainability assessment in regional perspective
Regional Science Policy & Practice

The Determinants of Quality of Life in Rural Areas from a Geographic Perspective: The Case of Tuscany
Review of Urban & Regional Development Studies

Investigating the Interdependency of Agricultural Production Volatility Spillovers between Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan
Review of Urban & Regional Development Studies

Intellectual Property and Biofuels: The Energy Crisis, Food Security, and Climate Change
The Journal of World Intellectual Property

Plant Variety Protection Regime in Relation to Relevant International Obligations: Implications for Smallholder Farmers in Kenya
The Journal of World Intellectual Property

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