Text and Data Mining Policy

Wiley is keen to encourage innovative uses of the content we publish, and supports customers who wish to perform text and data mining (TDM) on Wiley content. We are committed to developing tools and services that will enable subscribers to carry out TDM in the most efficient and effective manner, as well as to providing straightforward access to content for TDM purposes.

  • Academic subscribers can perform TDM under license (or in accordance with statutory rights in the UK) on subscribed content for non-commercial purposes at no extra cost.
  • Corporate subscribers should contact their account manager to discuss options available for content access and delivery.

In order to maximize platform stability and security for all users, we ask that access to content for TDM purposes takes place through an approved API service, rather than through crawling Wiley Online Library. Our preferred access solution for TDM is the Crossref Text and Data Mining Service. Academic subscribers can register with Crossref and will then be able to access subscribed content once they have accepted the Wiley click-through TDM license and received an API token.

Further details on the Crossref Text and Data Mining Service are available at http://tdmsupport.crossref.org/researchers/.

Please check with your library or licensing institution to see whether there is a separate Text and Data Mining agreement in place with Wiley before accepting the Crossref click-through license. Any such agreement may incorporate terms that vary from our standard click-through license. Please note that you will need to accept the click-through license in order to obtain an API token but the terms of any separate Text and Data Mining agreement will supersede the terms of the click-through.

UK users will also need to accept the click-through license in order to obtain an API token, but the terms & conditions of this agreement referring specifically to the activity of Text and Data Mining are superseded by the terms of the Copyright and Rights in Performances (Research, Education, Libraries and Archives) Regulations 2014 covering computational analysis for non-commercial purposes.

If for any reason access to content through the Crossref Text and Data Mining Service does not meet the requirements of your specific TDM project (for example, you wish to analyse material to which your institution does not subscribe, or you would like to discuss access to other content formats), please email TDM@wiley.com and we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

If you have any questions about Wiley's TDM policy or how the policy works in practice, please email TDM@wiley.com.

If you are having technical problems using Crossref to access content on Wiley Online Library, please see our technical help documentation [Text and Data Mining using the Crossref TDM Service] or contact Wiley Customer Services [EAL@wiley.com].


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