Cancer examines the impact of insurance coverage and the Affordable Care Act

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  Cancer examines the impact of insurance
coverage and the Affordable Care Act
  In the aftermath of the US presidential election and recent statements by both major political parties, cancer patients are rightfully quite worried about the affordability and breadth of their health insurance. This special collection highlighting recent key Cancer articles on this topic shows the importance of providing high-quality, affordable care to all patients with malignancies. We on the Editorial Board are hopeful that you will take the time to carefully read the selected articles, and to consider the growing evidence on this pressing health policy issue.

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Dr. Fadlo R. Khuri, MD
Editor-in-Chief, Cancer

  Check out the articles below:

Patterns of Coverage

Young and uninsured: Insurance patterns of recently diagnosed adolescent and young adult cancer survivors in the AYA HOPE study
Helen M. Parsons et al

Early impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on insurance among young adults with cancer: Analysis of the dependent insurance provision
Helen M. Parsons et al

Disease Presentation

Variation in insurance status by patient demographics and tumor site among nonelderly adult patients with cancer
Stephen R. Grant et al

Insurance status and distant-stage disease at diagnosis among adolescent and young adult patients with cancer aged 15 to 39 years: National Cancer Data Base, 2004 through 2010
Anthony S. Robbins, Catherine C. Lerro, and Ronald D. Barr

Screening & Prevention

Cancer preventive services, socioeconomic status, and the Affordable Care Act
Gregory S. Cooper et al

What does Medicaid expansion mean for cancer screening and prevention? Results from a randomized trial on the impacts of acquiring Medicaid coverage
Bill J. Wright et al

Treatment Quality & Outcomes

The impact of health insurance on cancer care in disadvantaged communities
Zaid M. Abdelsattar et al

Insurance status, health equity, and the cancer care continuum
Michael T. Halpern and Otis W. Brawley

Having Medicaid insurance negatively impacts outcomes in patients with head and neck malignancies
Arash O. Naghavi et al

Influence of insurance status on survival of adults with glioblastoma multiforme: A population-based study
Xiaoming Rong et al

Insurance status and risk of cancer mortality among adolescents and young adults
Abby R. Rosenberg et al

Looking Ahead

The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, 3 years later: A reality check
Hagop M. Kantarjian