Open Data

Open Data

Protect the long-term integrity of your research

Protect the long-term integrity of your research by making your data, methodologies and reporting standards openly available


Comply with funder requests to share data

Data Sharing

Authors of articles published in Wiley journals are encouraged to share their research data including, but not limited to: raw data, processed data, software, algorithms, protocols, methods, materials. Visit our Author Compliance Tool for the policy of your chosen journal

Data Sharing

Visit or to help identify registered and certified data repositories relevant to your subject area

Policy Finder

Help to ensure compliance with your funder and/or institution requirements with the author compliance tool and Wiley's funder agreements

Data Sharing Service

Our Data Sharing Service is available for select journals to automatically archive your data in a public repository


We are committed to improving, openness, transparency, and reproducibility of research. Wiley is a TOP Guidelines signatory, member of the Research Data Alliance, and supporter of CONSORT, EQUATOR, and FAIR initiatives


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