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Wiley Online Library is your portal to the world's broadest and deepest multidisciplinary collection of online resources covering life, health and physical sciences, social science, and the humanities. It delivers seamless integrated access to over 6 million articles from 1,500 journals, over 19,000 online books, and hundreds of reference works, laboratory protocols and databases.

Below is the current list of accessible titles to Vocational College Gadjah Mada University users via Wiley Online Library, classified into subject categories. Access these digital resources by clicking on the links below.

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Subject Type Title (Search within this list below by typing your keywords in above box)
Agriculture, Aquaculture & Food ScienceOnline BookFood Processing: Principles and Applications
Agriculture, Aquaculture & Food ScienceOnline BookFood Supply Chain Management
Agriculture, Aquaculture & Food ScienceOnline BookForest Products and Wood Science 6e
Agriculture, Aquaculture & Food ScienceOnline BookLegumes under Environmental Stress - Yield, Improvement and Adaptations
Agriculture, Aquaculture & Food ScienceOnline BookPesticides: Problems, Improvements, Alternatives
Agriculture, Aquaculture & Food ScienceOnline BookPlant Roots - Growth, Activity and Interaction with Soils
Agriculture, Aquaculture & Food ScienceOnline BookSoil Genesis and Classification
Agriculture, Aquaculture & Food ScienceOnline BookSustainable Food Processing
Agriculture, Aquaculture & Food ScienceOnline BookThe Environment, Our Natural Resources, and Modern Technology
Agriculture, Aquaculture & Food ScienceOnline BookThe Fertilizer Encyclopedia
Agriculture, Aquaculture & Food ScienceOnline BookWeed Anatomy
Business, Economics, Finance & AccountingOnline BookConflict and Cooperation: Institutional and Behavioral Economics
Business, Economics, Finance & AccountingOnline BookThe Blackwell Companion to Maritime Economics
Earth, Space & Environmental SciencesOnline BookGIS and Crime Mapping
Earth, Space & Environmental SciencesOnline BookMapping the Chemical Environment of Urban Areas
Earth, Space & Environmental SciencesOnline BookSelf-Organising Maps - Applications in Geographic Information Science
Earth, Space & Environmental SciencesOnline BookThe Map Reader - Theories of Mapping Practice and Cartographic Representation
HumanitiesOnline BookBreaking the Book - Print Humanities in the Digital Age
HumanitiesOnline BookGuide to Early Printed Books and Manuscripts
HumanitiesOnline BookLinguistics in a Colonial World - A Story of Language, Meaning and Power
HumanitiesOnline BookResearch Methods in Language Policy and Planning: A Practical Guide
HumanitiesOnline BookTalk in Action - Interactions, Identities, and Institutions
HumanitiesOnline BookTurf Wars - Discourse, Diversity and the Politics of Place
HumanitiesOnline BookWe Share Walls - Language, Land and Gender in Berber Morocco
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookBuilding the Reflective Healthcare Organisation
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookCancer Care for Adolescents and Young Adults
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookCaring for Children with Special Healthcare Needsand Their Families: A Handbook for Healthcare Professionals
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookCervical Cancer - A Guide for Nurses
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookEmergency Care and the Public's Health
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookEnabling Learning in Nursing and Midwifery Practice - A Guide for Mentors
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookEssential Midwifery Practice - Leadership, Expertise and Collaborative Working
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookEssential Midwifery Practice - Postnatal Care
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookEssential Midwifery Practice - Public Health
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookGenetics in Practice - A Clinical Approach for Healthcare Practitions
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookHospital-Acquired Infections
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookInterdisciplinary Research - Diverse Approaches in Science, Technology, Health and Society
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookLung Cancer - A Multidisciplinary Approach
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookMedicines Management
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookPlanning and Developing Primary Care Trust Workforces
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookPublic Health Skills Practical Guide
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookService User and Carer Engagement in Health and Social Care Education
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookSexual Health
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookSupporting a Physiologic Approach to Pregnancy and Birth
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookThe Effects of Antenatal Exercise on Psychological Well-Being, Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes
Nursing, Dentistry & HealthcareOnline BookWomen's Cancers
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookAirport Engineering: Planning, Design, and Development of 21st Century Airports
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookAn Introduction to LTE - LTE, LTE-Advanced, SAE, VoLTE and 4G Mobile Communications 2e
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookAutomation for Robotics
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookComposite Structures of Steel and Concrete: Beams, slabs, columns, and frames for Buildings, Third Edition
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookComputational Optimal Control - Tools and Practice
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookDesign Contribution to Health and Safety Management
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookDesign Economics for the Built Environment - Impact of Sustainability on Project Evaluation
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookDesign of Highway Bridges: An LRFD Approach, Third edition
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookDesign of Steel Structures - Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures.
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookDirect Eigen Control for Induction Machines and Synchronous Motors
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookDynamic Behavior of Concrete and Seismic Engineering
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookElectric Vehicle Machines and Drives: Design, Analysis and Application
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookElectrical Installation Designs 4e
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookEmbedded Systems: Hardware, Design and Implementation
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookFundamentals of 5G Mobile Networks
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookHandbook of Materials Selection, Online Version
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookMechanical Measurements 2e
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookNon-conventional Electrical Machines
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookPavement Design and Materials
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookPower Electronics and Variable Frequency Drives: Technology and Applications
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookPower System Harmonic Analysis
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookPractical Guide to Machine Vision Software - An Introduction with LabVIEW
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookReverse Engineering in Control Design
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookSoft-Switching PWM Full-Bridge Converters: Topologies, Control, and Design
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookSustainable Design: The Science of Sustainabilityand Green Engineering
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookSystem Dynamics: Modeling, Simulation, and Control of Mechatronic Systems, Fifth Edition
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookThe Environment and Landscape in Motorway Design
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookWear - Materials, Mechanisms and Practice
Physical Sciences & EngineeringOnline BookWireless Communications Systems Design
Veterinary MedicineOnline BookHandbook of Poisoning in Dogs and Cats
Veterinary MedicineOnline BookManagement of Pregnant and Neonatal Dogs, Cats, and Exotic Pets
Veterinary MedicineOnline BookManual of Trauma Management of the Dog and Cat
Veterinary MedicineOnline BookPractical Emergency and Critical Care Veterinary Nursing
Veterinary MedicineOnline BookVeterinary Nursing of Exotic Pets 2e
Veterinary MedicineOnline BookWilson's Practical Meat Inspection 7e
Veterinary MedicineOnline BookZoonoses

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