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Below is the current list of accessible titles to Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) library users via Wiley Online Library, classified into subject categories. Access these digital resources by clicking on the links below.

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Subject Type Title (Search within this list below by typing your keywords in above box)
ArchitectureOnline BookArchitect's Handbook of Construction Detailing 2E
ArchitectureOnline BookDesign for Flooding: Architecture, Landscape, and Urban Design for Resilience to Flooding and Climate Change
ArchitectureOnline BookEcosystem Services Come To Town - greening citiesby working with nature
ArchitectureOnline BookLow Impact Building - Houses Using Renewable Materials
ArchitectureOnline BookProject Control: Integrating Cost and Schedule in Construction
Business & ManagementOnline BookKiller Analytics: Top 20 Metrics Missing from your Balance Sheet
Classical StudiesOnline BookA Companion to Greek Art
Classical StudiesOnline BookA Companion to Roman Architecture
Classical StudiesOnline BookAncient Egyptian Tombs - The Culture of Life and Death
Classical StudiesOnline BookThe Classical Tradition - Art, Literature, Thought
Cultural StudiesOnline BookA Companion to Digital Literary Studies
EducationOnline BookApplying Theory to Educational Research - An Introductory Approach with Case Studies
EducationOnline BookDeveloping Reading Comprehension
Educational & School PsychologyOnline BookReading Assessment: Linking Language, Literacy, and Cognition
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookAC Electric Motors Control - Advanced Design Techniques and Applications
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookComputer Architecture and Security: Fundamentals of Designing Secure Computer Systems
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookControl of Switching Systems by Invariance Analysis: Applcation to Power Electronics
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookDeploying IPv6 in 3GPP Networks - Evolving Mobile Broadband from 2G to LTE and Beyond
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookDigital Microwave Communication:t-to-Point Microwave Systems
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookDigital Signal Processing Using Matlab
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookElectric Power and Energy in China
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookElectricity Markets - Investment Performance & Analysis
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookElectromagnetism: Maxwell Equations, Wave Propagation and Emission
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookEmbedded Systems: Analysis and Modeling with SysML, UML and AADL
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookHomePlug AV and IEEE 1901: A Handbook for PLC Designers and Users
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookIllumination Engineering: Design with Nonimaging Optics
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookIPv6 Deployment and Management
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookPower Electronics and Energy Conversion Systems - Fundamentals and Hard-switching Converters V1
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookPower System Harmonic Analysis
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookPulsewidth Modulated DC-to-DC Power Conversion: Circuits, Dynamics, and Control Designs
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookRadio Propagation Measurement and Channel Modelling
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookRadio Receiver Technology - Principles, Architectures and Applications
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookReconfigurable Radio Systems - Network Architectures and Standards
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookReinforcement Learning and Approximate Dynamic Programming for Feedback Control
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookSafety of Computer Archtiectures
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookUltra-Capacitors in Power Conversion Systems - Analysis, Modeling and Design in Theory and Practice
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookWiFi, WiMAX, and LTE Multi-hop Mesh Networks: Basic Communication Protocols and Application Areas
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline BookWireless Telecommunication Systems
EnergyOnline BookDesign of Rotating Electrical Machines, Second Edition
EnergyOnline BookElectrical Energy Conversion and Transport: An Interactive Computer-Based Approach, Second Edition
EnergyOnline BookElectricity from Wave and Tide - An Introductionto Marine Energy
EnergyOnline BookExtruded Cables for High-Voltage Direct-Current Transmission: Advances in Research and Development
EnergyOnline BookGrid Integration of Electric Vehicles in Open Electricity Markets
EnergyOnline BookHandbook of Electrical Power System Dynamics: Modeling, Stability, and Control
EnergyOnline BookLithium Batteries and other Electrochemical Storage Systems
EnergyOnline BookNatural and Artificial Photosynthesis: Solar Poweras an Energy Source
EnergyOnline BookRenewable Energy
EnergyOnline BookSolar Engineering of Thermal Processes, Fourth Edition
EnergyOnline BookTransition to Renewable Energy Systems
Industrial EngineeringOnline BookProject Management Metrics, KPIs, and Dashboards: A Guide to Measuring and Monitoring Project Performance
Language & LinguisticsOnline BookA Brief History of Ancient Greek
Language & LinguisticsOnline BookA Dictionary of Varieties of English
Language & LinguisticsOnline BookA Grammar of Old English - Volume 2 - Morphology
Language & LinguisticsOnline BookA Grammar of Old English V1 - Phonology
Language & LinguisticsOnline BookHandbook of Historical Sociolinguistics
Language & LinguisticsOnline BookIntercultural Language Teaching and Learning
Language & LinguisticsOnline BookLanguage Teaching Research and Language Pedagogy
Language & LinguisticsOnline BookQuotatives: New Trends and Sociolinguistic Implications
Language & LinguisticsOnline BookResearch Methods in Second Language Acquisition - A Practical Guide
Language & LinguisticsOnline BookThe Handbook of English for Specific Purposes
LiteratureOnline BookA History of Modern Drama V1
LiteratureOnline BookDictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory5e
LiteratureOnline BookLiterary Criticism from Plato to the Present - An Introduction
Materials ScienceOnline BookAdvances in Materials Science for Environmental and Energy Technologies II: Ceramic Transactions, Volume 241
Materials ScienceOnline BookEnergy Technology 2013: Carbon Dioxide Managementand Other Technologies
Materials ScienceOnline BookLithium Batteries: Advanced Technologies and Applications
Materials ScienceOnline BookNanostructured Materials and Nanotechnology VII: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 34 Issue 7
Materials ScienceOnline BookOrganic Electronics - Emerging Concepts and Technologies
Materials ScienceOnline BookSolar Cell Nanotechnology
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookBattery Systems Engineering
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookHandbook of Asynchronous Machines with Variable Speed
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to Hybrid Vehicle System Modeling and Control
Mechanical EngineeringOnline BookNon-conventional Electrical Machines
NanotechnologyOnline BookNanotechnology for the Energy Challenge 2e
PhilosophyOnline BookDante's Deadly Sins
PhilosophyOnline BookEducation Policy - Philosophical Critique
PlanningOnline BookPlace-making and Policies for Competitive Cities

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