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Korea's Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Partners with Wiley
On 24th May, Wiley and the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) jointly released an announcement on a new partnership. Starting from the 2017 August issue, the ETRI Journal will be published by Wiley and the journal's archives will move to Wiley Online Library.

Established in 1976, The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) is a Korean government-funded research institute based in Daedeok Science Town in Daejeon, Republic of Korea. ETRI's mission is to contribute to Korea's economic and social development through research, development, and distribution of industrial core technologies in the field of Information, Communications, Electronics, Broadcasting and Convergence technologies. The ETRI Journal is one of Korea's longest-running English language journals and has been self-published since 1993. The scope of the journal covers information technologies, telecommunications, and electronics, and is published bimonthly.

Please visit the Wiley News Room for the full press release.

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