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Our self-learning tutorials are free to use, available 24/7 and contain full audio. They provide informative overviews and demonstrations of our key products and services, with selected tutorials available in multiple languages.

Wiley Online Library

Modulo1: Wiley Online Library (Búsqueda Simple) 55 segundos
Modulo1: Wiley Online Library (Búsqueda por tema) 57 segundos
Modulo 2: Wiley Online Library (Registro) 1:43 minutos
Modulo 2: Wiley Online Library (Alertas) 1:32 minutos
Modulo 3: Wiley Online Library (Recursos en Linea) 1:43 minutos
Modulo 3: Wiley Online Library (Contenido Tematico) 3:14 minutos
Wiley Online Library (Introducción, Familiarizate con la plataforma) 2:25 minutos
Wiley Online Library (Factor de Impacto) 52 segundos
Wiley Online Library ( Líneas de Investigación) 49 segundos
Modulo 1 - Busca Simples (Portuguese) 52 segundos
Modulo 1 - Busca por Tema (Portuguese) 53 segundos
Modulo 1 - Busca Avançada (Portuguese) 3:14 minutos
Modulo 2 - Cadastro (Portuguese) 1:31 minutos
Modulo 2 - Alertas (Portuguese) 1:26 minutos
Modulo 2 - Zonas (Portuguese) 2:02 minutos
Modulo 3 - Recursos Online (Portuguese) presentation 1:40 minutos
Modulo 3 - Conteúdo Temático (Portuguese) 2:42 minutos
Modulo 4 - Fator de Impacto (Portuguese) 41 segundos
Modulo 4 - Linhas de investigacao (Portuguese) 50 segundos
Finding and Saving Content - WOL 2016 (Arabic) 5:57 minutes
Online books and reference works - WOL 2016 (Arabic) 6:03 minutes
Customer Administration - WOL 2016 (Arabic) 4:35 minutes
Essential Info WOL 2016 (Arabic) 2:22 minutes
Inside the Platform WOL 2016 (Arabic) 8:12 minutes
Cochrane Part 1 - An Introduction to the Cochrane Library (Arabic) 2:56 minutes
Cochrane Part 2 - Browsing and Searching (Arabic) 7:07 minutes


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