ReadCube Checkout

A New Way to Access Wiley Content

Wiley, working in conjunction with ReadCube, has begun to offer streamlined article access options for readers without institutional access, as well as enhancing the reading experience and overall workflow for the user.

ReadCube provides flexible, attractively priced options to access individual journal articles through either permanent access in the Cloud, 48-hour online rental or as a standard PDF download on Wiley Online Library.

The ReadCube Pay-Per-View options for "Pay-Per-View" journal article access, replace our existing basic PPV service for individual users with Rental, Cloud and PDF download options.

The three options are summarized below:

* prices given are examples and not reflective of all PPV journal article pricing through Wiley.

ReadCube also helps Wiley provide an enhanced, connected PDF across all our journal articles, with features that include: hyperlinked in-line citations, annotations, direct access to supplemental content, annotation tools, a figure browser, and advanced article metrics.

To find out more about ReadCube Checkout, or for answers to frequently asked questions start here.


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