Wiley Online Library Bookstore

Wiley is proud to announce the launch of the Wiley Online Library Bookstore, exclusively for the use of Institutional Account Administrators.

The Bookstore caters to orders for online books, online reference works and journal backfiles via perpetual access purchase only.

Designed to handle orders that your institution needs quickly - the new online bookstore can handle your institution's needs simply and efficiently.

If you will be placing an order greater than a $10,000 value, please contact your account manager to discuss special pricing.

Visit wolbookstore.wiley.com to get started.

Save time

  • With our new online bookstore you can order what you need, when you need, wherever you are in the world - without needing to wait for your Wiley Account Manager.
  • We have streamlined the ordering process to make sure it is easy to use, without any unnecessary complications.

Faster delivery

The bookstore

  • can process your order efficiently in our systems, with no manual delays, the content you ordered is delivered more quickly and efficiently to your institution.
  • allows you to browse books, online reference works and journal backfiles, and you can easily purchase perpetual access for your institution's account via credit card or purchase order.

Take control

  • As an existing Wiley customer we will contact you with your log-in details and account information - you can then manage your orders and account at the push of a button.
  • Click through licenses - You can simply click the 'I agree' button and complete the license, without the lengthy process of signing and amending agreements.
  • Your account will reflect your order history with Wiley, with historical tracking of purchases - you will know if you have ordered the content for your institution previously.
  • Your order status is reflected throughout the order process - so you know where it is at.
  • Contact Us - if you have any problems or questions you can still easily contact your Wiley Online Library support team at: eal@wiley.com

Why not get started today - simply click here to visit the Bookstore and get signed up today.

Frequently asked questions

The FAQs document is a good place to start if you have any questions about the Bookstore.

Wiley Online Library Bookstore FAQs

Wiley Online Library Bookstore User Guide

Need some help getting started with the Bookstore? Want to know more about a particular feature? The user guide can help!

WOL Bookstore User Guide


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