Subscription Pricing for Hybrid Journals

2018 institutional journal subscription prices

Wiley's institutional subscription prices are based on the published content and the services provided and paid for by subscription fees; they exclude open access articles paid for by an Article Publication Charge (APC).

We adjust the variable portion of each title's subscription price (or Core Title fee) proportionately, for any shift from subscription-funded articles to pay-to-publish open access articles. We calculate this adjustment using the most recent full calendar year data at the time we set prices, and make available details of the numbers of articles published under each model.

We adopt this approach for all of the journals Wiley owns. We also consult with our society publishing partners as part of the normal process of setting journal prices and recommend them to do likewise.

We believe this is the best solution to the complex issue of how to adjust subscription prices fairly for the shift to open access (sometimes referred to as the "double dipping" problem).

The adjustment of subscription fees for affected titles takes into account all subscribing institutions, not only those who pay APCs on behalf of their authors, ensuring that no library is being charged a subscription fee for open access content.

Not all of the value or cost of a journal relates to the number of articles published. Titles incur fixed costs before article publication, and subscription fees include additional services (such as discovery and platform services, library interfaces, and the development and implementation of consistent standards). A portion of the subscription price is therefore fixed and not subject to the open access adjustment.

Some of our customers experience additional budget pressure resulting from the need to pay for both subscriptions and open access APCs. In recognition of this, Wiley offers several options to institutions and funders for discounted open access payments (see institutional and Funder Payments).

24th July 2017

Wiley 2018 Online Open Adjustments



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