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Registration and Authentication


How do I access full-text content in my app?


That depends on how you normally access journal content on Wiley Online Library.


The following actions should be made on the 'Get Access' overlay. If you don't see the overlay please tap "Settings" (Gear Icon), then tap "Get Access"

Society Website Access
If you normally have access via your society website:

  1. Select 'I already have access'
  2. Select 'Through my society affiliation'
  3. Login with the username and password that you use to login to your society's website
  4. Your access will last for 90 days and then you will need to log back in.

Institutional Access
If you normally have access via your institution without needing to sign in to Wiley Online Library we recommend completing the following steps:

  1. Select 'I already have access'
  2. Select 'I use the network at my Workplace or University'
  3. Login/Register to Wiley Online Library using the options at the foot of the overlay.


  • You should be located within your institution’s network to establish mobile access to the licensed content within your app
  • Your access is authorized for 3 months
  • Please return to your institution's network and re-login into your app to renew your access before your it expires

Wiley Online Library Personal Subscription
If you normally have access via a Wiley Online Library account:

  1. Select 'I already have access'
  2. Select 'I log in to Wiley Online Library'
  3. Enter your Wiley Online Library username & password and tap 'submit'
  4. Tap "Confirm".

The app will confirm your details with Wiley Online Library and unlock your subscribed content.

If you are logged in to the app via Wiley Online Library, but still can't access content

This scenario could happen for two reasons:

  1. Your Online Library account isn't correctly associated with your subscription(s). Use one of the methods above to associate your account (see "Institutional Access" or "Society Website Access"), then:

    1. From within the app, tap "Settings" (the gear icon).
    2. Tap "Refresh Account".
  2. You are not licensed to view the content.
    1. Check with your Institution or Society to inquire about subscribing to the journal.
    2. If available, purchase an individual subscription to the journal via Wiley Online Library.
    3. If available, purchase a mobile only subscription to the journal from within the app.

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Slowness upon Upgrade


I've just upgraded to a new version. Why is the app so slow upon launch?


If you've been an active user of the earlier versions of the app and have downloaded several issues or favorited a lot of articles, the app will need to reprocess that content to make it compatible with the new version. This could take up to 2 minutes per previously downloaded issue and several seconds per saved article. This will only happen once when you first launch the latest version of the app. We are working on a solution for this and apologize for the inconvenience.

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