Physical Sciences Backfile Recommendations

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Kindle Winners for March 2011

Ryan Brown
Aberdeen, Idaho - USA

Darko Macan
Zagreb - Croatia

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1)    In what type of institution do you work/study?

Check all that apply:
University / College
Governmental Institution
Industry / Corporation
Hospital / Healthcare institution
Non-profit organization

2)    What is your position within your organization?

Check all that apply:
President / CEO / Business Owner
Head of Department / Senior Management
Senior Researcher / Middle Management
Researcher / Staff Member
Associate / Assistant Professor
Post Doctoral Researcher / Fellow
Teacher / Lecturer
Graduate / Postgraduate Student
Undergraduate Student
Scientific / Technical Professional
Medical / Healthcare Professional
Social / Psychological Professional
Business / Finance / Legal Professional
Public Administrator

3)    Which website brought you to Wiley Online Library today?

4)    How often do you use Wiley Online Library?

5)    Do you use any of these websites for your work?

Check all that apply:
Yahoo! 360° (a.k.a Yahoo! Days)

6)    What is your main area of professional interest?

Main Area of Interest:  
   Subfield of Interest:  

7)    What kind of results did you expect from your visit today?

Check up to three boxes:
A definition / an introductory article
A review article covering recent work in this area
The latest research in this area
A list or a table with properties / values
An article which I had read before
An article which was cited or recommended somewhere
A book or journal on this topic
Publications by a specific author
Publications from a specific institution/research organization

8)    Where are you located?

9)    What is your highest professional qualification so far?

10)    How involved are you in purchases for your department?