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Many people view chemistry as a single subject. In reality, chemistry is an interdisciplinary subject that bridges other natural sciences, including physics, geology and biology. This is why chemistry is sometimes referred to as Central Science and also the reason for its extensive coverage. Chemistry exists in our daily lives, from the air we breathe, to the food and water we consume, our emotions, and literally every object we see or touch. Read the 8 interesting facts on chemistry below:

1) Humans have been using chemistry since ancient times. By1000 BC, human civilizations were using advanced forms of chemistry like extracting metals from ore, fermenting alcohol, and refining plant extracts as medicine.
2) Modern chemistry dates back to the 17th century. Robert Boyle, one of the developers of the scientific method, is often credited as a founder of the field.


Handbook of Measurement in Science and Engineering Handbook of Measurement in Science and Engineering
Myer Kutz

A multidisciplinary reference of engineering measurement tools, techniques, and applications

The Handbook of Measurement in Science and Engineering is the most comprehensive and up-to-date reference on engineering and scientific measurements-beyond anything on the market today. Encyclopedic in scope, this 3rd volume expansively covers measurements in physics, electrical engineering and chemistry. Volumes 1 and 2 were published in 2013.
Comprehensive Analysis of Parasite Biology - From Metabolism to Drug Discovery Live Cell Assays: From Research to Regulatory Applications Transportation Planning Handbook 4e Modeling of Photovoltaic Systems Using MATLAB: Simplified Green Codes

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Wiley Online Books provide a wealth of content written by globally-renowned scholars, researchers and award-winning authors. To help librarians with collection development, Wiley offers 8 Frontlist Collections and 9 Backlist Collections,each focused on one subject area. This allows librarians to quickly and easily pick and choose collections based on their institution’s needs.

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Wiley Online Books combine quality content with the convenience, accessibility and enhanced functionality of electronic access. Enhance your library collection with premier titles from leading scientists, award-winning authors and renowned researchers.

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