Journal Licensing Options

Licensing Options and the Wiley Online Enhanced License

The Wiley Online Enhanced License offers many benefits for library consortia, institutional customers, and your patrons. Facilitate the management, administration and renewal of your journal holdings by using one price list and one negotiation with one Account Manager under one set of terms and conditions.

Step 1: Manage your Core Collection holdings with Wiley

  • Reconcile your core institutional subscriptions with your Wiley Account Manager
  • Convert your current print holdings to Online Only
  • Add other titles which match your research needs at the online only rates to your Core Collection
  • Add newer journals based on FTE pricing
  • Benefit from predictable price increase caps with multi-year licenses
  • Add Deeply Discounted Print at 20% of the list price for your subscribed titles
  • Manage your renewal directly with Wiley or through your usual subscription agent

Step 2: Add unsubscribed journals via Standard or Custom Collections, with predictable annual pricing

  • Gain access to a large number of unsubscribed titles across all subject disciplines or in specific areas through a Standard or Custom Collection
  • Standard Collections consist of a pre-selected list of titles and offer great value for money
  • Custom Collections allow you to pick-and-choose additional titles at a discounted price
  • Consortia may negotiate to share access via a Custom Collection
  • Pay only once for content: fees are based on a percentage of the value of the unsubscribed titles at your institution
  • Benefit from predictable price increase caps with multi-year licenses
  • Receive perpetual access rights to all titles added via your Standard or Custom Collection, for the years covered in your license term

2017 Standard Journal Collections

Science, Technology and Medicine Collection815
Social Science and Humanities Collection574
Full Collection1,389
Medicine and Nursing Collection408
Journals not in any collection105
Total Journals for 2017   (Full + Not in Any)1,494

Updated Nov-30-2016       Counts subject to change

>> Download Spreadsheet - Journals Titles, Changes, and Collections  -  STM | SSH | Full | M&N columns

Step 3: Add free content to your holdings

  • Benefit from free online access to all newly launched journals and Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews (WIREs) with no obligation to subscribe in future years. Opt-in for perpetual archival rights and, where available, a free print subscription. Opt-in for free access to New Journals

Step 4: Enhance your holdings with other online content from Wiley

  • Journal backfiles, online books, book series, major reference works, EBM resources like Essential Evidence Plus and the Cochrane Library, chemistry databases, and Current Protocols laboratory methods may be added to your Wiley Online License.
  • ArticleSelect tokens are available for access to unsubscribed articles or chapters on demand.

Benefits of the Wiley Online Enhanced License:

  • Increased flexibility and cost control: Manage your Core Collection or expand your access to more titles via a Standard or Custom Collection of journals for a marginal additional fee. We offer allowances so that you can adjust your core subscription holdings to match your institution's changing needs.
  • Choices: License directly with Wiley and pay direct or through your subscription agent, as a single institution or via a consortium. Print is also available at a deeply discounted rate.
  • Long-term sustainability: Through predictable pricing over multiple years and guaranteed perpetual access for paid-for years.
  • Archival access to content dating back to 1997, in most cases, to all titles in your Core Collection.
  • Generous licensing terms: access journals across multi-site campuses and global corporations, with free course-pack use, ILL, and walk-in user access for academic institutions.
  • Account Manager and post-sale support: Work with a dedicated Account Manager and take advantage of marketing resources available to promote awareness and usage in your institution. Tailored online training workshops available on request.


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