Article Select Tokens

Wiley Enhanced Online License customers can use Article Select Tokens to obtain access to unsubscribed journal articles including backfiles, chapters in Online Books, entries in Online Reference Works and Current Protocols. There is a minimum purchase of 100 tokens.

Tokens are available on a variety of bundles to match your specific needs. Tokens packages start from our basic 100 pack up to 1,500 with volume discounts available. Click here to contact your Wiley Account Manager now.

Benefits of Article Select Tokens

  • Instant access to broad range of full text material that your institution does not currently subscribe to
  • Control and monitor token usage at a level that suits your requirements
  • Save costs through auto-subscription
  • Unlimited concurrent user access for 24 hours
  • Token usage included in monthly statistics reports



Authentication Options

You need to choose your authentication option at the start of a license or when you purchase tokens the first time.

When the authorized user opens the full-text of an article in an electronic journal or online book not covered by your institution's licence, you can choose what the user will see.

  1. Seamless access to the content; or
  2. A confirmation screen with the information that your institution is making this article available through Wiley Online Library Article Select which provides access to Wiley's Electronic Journals and Book chapters not subscribed to by the institute.



Option 1

IP Address Only Control

  • An authorized user must come to Wiley Online Library from your institution's IP address to 'spend' ArticleSelect Tokens in your institute's account.
  • Usage will be reported by Journal/Book and Article/Chapter as part of your overall usage reports.
  • This is the least restrictive control option.

Option 2

IP Address/User Control

  • An authorized user must come from your institution's IP address must confirm to 'spend' Article Select Tokens in your institute's account.
  • If they are not in the institution's IP range a message they will not be able to take advantage of Article Select.
  • Usage will be reported by Journal/Book and Article/Chapter on an institutional level
  • This is the intermediate control option

Option 3

SuperUser Control

  • The librarian chooses a small group of authorized users to be "SuperUsers". They will register with UserID and Password and will be authorised by the Institution as the only ones who can spend article access tokens. Other Authorized Users must pass their requests for articles to these SuperUsers.
  • If a User who is not a SuperUser requests the full text of an article in a journal not currently subscribed, a message will appear advising the User that this journal is not available on a subscription basis but the article can be purchase through Article Select and to contact the library for this service.
  • Usage will be reported by Journal/Book and Article/Chapter.
  • This is the most restrictive control option - and the option that allows the librarian the most control over how tokens are spent.

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