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Regional Sales Office Contacts

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Hans-Erich Diede
Merz Pharmaceuticals

Contact details for each regional sales office are below:

Australia & New Zealand
Corporate Sales Manager

Corporate Sales Manager

Europe, Middle East & Africa
Corporate Sales Manager

Corporate Sales Manager

Corporate Sales Manager

Corporate Sales Manager

South East Asia
Corporate Sales Manager

USA, Canada and South/Central America
Corporate Sales Manager



Frequenly Asked Questions


Q: Can we target by job title?
A: No, but the area (subject/journal) in which the user is looking is indicative of their area of interest, if not profession

Q: What are your average click through rates?
Click through rates vary depending on the subject area and the quality of the advert supplied.

Q: Do you have a recruitment section?
A: No specific recruitment section, although recruitment advertising space is available in the form of a banner advert


Q: Can we include our branding, acknowledgement message or disclaimer as part of our bulk book order?
A: For bulk orders requiring reprinting we can customize covers and preliminary pages to your specifications.


Q:  How fast can we receive the reprints?
A:  Our delivery timelines are 4 weeks after receipt of confirmed order – but we can offer the option of a Rush Delivery within 10 working days for an additional charge of 35% applied to the basis price before extras or shipping.

Q: We would like to place a PDF of the article on our website. What would it cost and what are the opportunities?
A: Please let us know what you intend to do with the file, how many prints / views / downloads you are interested in and you will receive a detailed quotation from us.

Q: We would like to place a disclaimer on the reprint. Would it be possible?
A: In most of our journals, we are allowed to insert a disclaimer/logo. We cannot do this in our society partners’ journals.

Q: What are the delivery costs to my country?
A: Delivery costs depend on the country of delivery and the timescale in which you require your copies to be received.  You will need to advise your sales representative of where and when you require your deliveries, so that they can provide you with an accurate quotation.

Q: How long does it take to receive reprints from the point of ordering?
A: Our standard delivery service is 4 weeks from the point of confirming an order. However, we offer an expedited service where we can have your copies delivered to you within 10 days of placing your order. The fee for this is an additional 35% of the basic reprint price. We can, in certain circumstances, also offer a 5-day turnaround and the fee for this is a 50% premium on the basic reprint price. This service is only possible in situations where the delivery address and order details allow for such a quick turnaround, so you will need to get confirmation that this service is available to you from your sales representative before confirming an order.

Supplements & Custom Publications

Q: How long does the supplement production process take?
A: There are two options for the production of your supplement:

  1. Fast track – for this option you should allow 2 weeks for the review process and 8 weeks for the production until bound copies of your supplement are available.
  2. Standard – For this option you should allow 4-6 weeks for the review process and 10-12 weeks for the production until bound copies of your supplement are available.

Q: Where do I include any conflict of interest statements?
A: Conflict of interest statements should be incorporated at the beginning of each manuscript.

Q: Where should we send the supplement papers when they are ready for submission?
A: Submissions for Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics (APT) should be uploaded via ScholarOne; please contact Hailey Haines ( for instructions. Submissions for other journals should be emailed directly to Hailey Haines. Please remember to include conflict of interest statements and completed copyright forms.

Q: How long does the KOM Newsletter process take?
A: The average timeline for the production of a newsletter is 8 weeks from submission to bound copies.

Q: What are the available page extents for KOM newsletters?
A: Newsletters can be 2, 4, 8 and 12 pages in length. As a guide for content, the average number of words per page is 750 or 4500 characters.  Please take into account that the use of figures will reduce the number of words available on the page.

Q: How are KOM newsletters distributed?
A: Newsletters are distributed to your target audience via our highly regarded scientific journals (subject to the approval of our journal editors).

Q: Are KOM newsletters available online?
A: Yes, there is the option to host your KOM newsletter online at

Q: Are there any other options for the distribution of our newsletter?
A:  There is a range of options available to optimize the distribution of your newsletter to your target audience. Speak to your business development contact to discuss the available options.

Q: Can Wiley organise medical education and communication meetings and projects?
A: Wiley Blackwell have an experienced project, editorial, design and business development team which can deliver a range of custom projects from Advisory Board and Roundtable meetings to customised meeting reports and tailored publications, web casts and CPD/CME online projects.

Q: Can you help with identifying and targeting an audience for education and communication meetings and projects?
A: Wiley-Blackwell have a number of UK controlled circulation journals such as Prescriber, the leading UK journal in prescribing and medicines management, Future Prescriber, Trends in Urology and Mens Health, Progress in Neurology and Psychiatry and Practical Diabetes International; sponsored medical education or communication projects can be circulated either to the full journal circulation or specialist customer groups as appropriate.

Q: Are sponsored and customized publications published through the Wiley-Blackwell's controlled circulation journals peer reviewed?
A: Yes, sponsored publications still undergo full independent peer review prior to publication. There are also clear declarations of interest, involvement and inclusion of PI.

Q: What is the largest UK controlled circulation journal?
A: Prescriber, the leading UK journal in prescribing and medicines management, has been published for 20 years and goes to 20,000 UK healthcare professionals in primary and secondary care.




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