The Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews (WIREs) combine the most powerful features of online review journals (high online visibility, immediacy, full abstracting and indexing) with the traditional strengths of the encyclopedic reference model (structure, authority, and comprehensiveness of coverage). A built-in mechanism for updating previously published content further differentiates the WIREs from traditional review journals.

With their deliberate focus on high-impact topics at the interfaces of the traditional research fields, together with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary outreach at the level of the individual article, the WIREs offer a valuable new forum for cross-disciplinary communication in scientific and scholarly research.

Subscribe to the WIREs

Beginning in their third full calendar year, WIREs titles will be available through a paid subscription as electronic-only titles. Subscription prices will depend on institutional size. Customers will receive access back to Volume 1, Issue 1 regardless of when they purchase a subscription.

WIREs Title Launch Date Subscription Date
WIREs Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology January 2009 Paid access in 2012
WIREs Computational Statistics July 2009 Paid access in 2012
WIREs Systems Biology and Medicine July 2009 Paid access in 2012
WIREs Climate Change January 2010 Paid access in 2012
WIREs Cognitive Science January 2010 Paid access in 2012
WIREs RNA July 2010 Paid access in 2013
WIREs Computational Molecular Science January 2011 Paid access in 2013
WIREs Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery January 2011 Paid access in 2013
WIREs Developmental Biology January 2012 Paid access in 2014
WIREs Membrane Transport and Signaling January 2012 Paid access in 2014
WIREs Energy and Environment July 2012 Paid access in 2014
WIREs Water January 2014 Paid access in 2016

Find out more about the program at the WIREs website.

Core content is available on Wiley Online Library.


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