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MARC Records

MARC is the acronym for Machine-Readable Cataloging. It defines a data format by which computers exchange, use, and interpret bibliographic information, and its data elements make up the foundation of most library online public access catalogs used today.

Important Update:

Existing Wiley customers, who have used PSW to download MARC records, have now been manually on-boarded to the Collection Manager platform by OCLC. A welcome letter with login information and instructions was sent in December or early January. If you do not see this letter, please check your spam and junk folders as well. Questions about the transition can be directed to wcptransition@oclc.org.

Customers are advised to contact their regional OCLC Support office for specific inquiries. If you need to speak to a Wiley representative, please write to eal@wiley.com.

MARC records for Wiley customers

Institutions that have purchased Online Books or Electronic Major Reference Works are entitled to receive free MARC records via OCLC WorldCat. Please view this decision tree to help determine what steps your library needs to take to acquire MARC records.

There are seven steps that new customers need to complete before they are able to receive MARC records. They are:

  1. Determine/Acquire your OCLC Cataloging Authorization Number
  2. Determine/Acquire your WorldShare Account
  3. Add Metadata Services
  4. Configure a Collection Manager Profile
  5. Create a Cataloging Partner Collection
  6. Activate MARC delivery for the Cataloging Partner Collection
  7. Notify Wiley their collection is active and disclose their OCLC symbol

Detailed Information for each step is defined (with screenshots) in the Wiley MARC Guide. Please review the PDF as it contains all of the information you will need for MARC record configuration. Also, please take note that the process is different for customers with or without an OCLC cataloging subscription.

There are several ways for customers to order MARC Records from Wiley. The procedure is different for those ordering book packages versus title by title selections:

For "Pick and Choose" book titles delivered through OCLC's WorldCat Cataloging Partners Collections on Collection Manager:

  • Customers with OCLC cataloging subscriptions need to create and activate their CPC in Collection Manager and can visit section 4.4 of the Guide for further instruction.
  • Libraries without an OCLC cataloging subscription need to create an account. This is free and courtesy of Wiley. In the Comments or Questions field (pictured right), please write "I am a Wiley customer." OCLC will set up the profile and the librarian will receive an email with their login credentials. They may also proceed to section 4.4 of the Guide for further instruction.
  • All customers must notify Wiley of their OCLC symbol and that their collection is active.

For "Online Book Packages" delivered through OCLC's Collection Manager:

  • Customers with OCLC cataloging subscriptions can select their desired collection from the WorldShare Knowledgebase. All collections for saleable Online Book Models are represented in their KB.
  • If your library does not have an OCLC subscription, you must complete the Collection Manager Form. Again. Please be sure to mention that you are getting MARC records through Wiley.
  • No Wiley notification is required.
  • Customers can request record customizations at the institution or collection levels.
  • Collections are currently updated on a monthly basis.

"UBCM" delivered through OCLC's Collection Manager is a hybrid of the two processes:

  • Customers must first complete the steps for the Online Book Packages.
  • They can then select the UBCM Collection of their choosing. Here are the names of the UBCM collections represented in OCLC KB.

    Wiley Online Books UBCM Agriculture
    Wiley Online Books UBCM All Titles
    Wiley Online Books UBCM Business & Management
    Wiley Online Books UBCM Chemistry 1999
    Wiley Online Books UBCM Chemistry 2000
    Wiley Online Books UBCM Earth, Space & Environmental Sciences
    Wiley Online Books UBCM Engineering & Materials Science
    Wiley Online Books UBCM German Language
    Wiley Online Books UBCM Humanities
    Wiley Online Books UBCM Life Sciences
    Wiley Online Books UBCM Mathematics & Statistics
    Wiley Online Books UBCM Medicine, Nursing & Dentistry
    Wiley Online Books UBCM Physical Sciences
    Wiley Online Books UBCM Psychology
    Wiley Online Books UBCM Social & Behavioral Sciences
    Wiley Online Books UBCM Special Deal
  • When integrating records, customers should make a customer note at the collection level. That way, the records can be easily identified for removal when the subscription ends.
  • When the subscription trial is complete, they will need to create a cataloging partner collection and re-receive the records for the titles they have decided to keep. Follow the steps for "Pick and Choose" titles. After completing these steps, customers will receive a batch of the MARC titles they have decided to keep.
  • Customers should remove the original UBCM records prior to the new MARC batch upload.
  • For details on the Pick and Choose process, please visit the Wiley MARC Guide.

MARC Records Frequently Asked Questions

  • Records will be delivered at no extra cost to libraries.
  • Libraries will be eligible to receive records regardless of whether the library has an OCLC cataloging or CatExpress subscription. However libraries will need a WorldShare account, regardless of which model they have purchased.
  • For notifications about record delivery, make sure you enable Reports and include your email address under Settings in Collection Manager. When records are ready for download, you will get an email from: Usage_Statistics@oclc.org
  • To limit the amount of 856 links in MARC records, libraries can select the "Retain 856 Fields with these domains" option and enter the following text: http://dx.doi.org/10.1002. See this document for more details.
  • To do a quick and easy check on which titles currently have MARC records, please review the Online Books title listing as shown below and check the column called "OCLC". Those titles with a code have a MARC record ready for download.

  • If the title is new, the record could be missing because the catalogue record has not yet been created. It usually takes OCLC two weeks to do the cataloging, once the title goes live on the Online Library. Once the cataloguing has been completed, the control numbers will be loaded into the Wiley system and any orders that have been placed for those titles will have their MARC records delivered automatically.
  • Libraries have the option of having their holdings to be set in WorldCat.
  • The OCLC MARC records provided for the Online Books in this service are enhanced and include the tables of content. They use OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards following the ISO 2709 standard. Records for eMRWs are not enhanced.
  • Libraries that prefer to work with their own local MARC records vendors can do so however Wiley has chosen OCLC as our preferred vendor. The free records are only available by working with OCLC. Wiley does however; send product metadata at the collection level to other vendors. If you have purchased an online book package (such as UBCM or Frontlist 2016), the following vendors should have MARC records available:
    • Serials Solutions
    • Ex Libris
    • EBSCO
    • Ovid/WoltersKluwer
    • TDNet
  • Wiley will provide the basic MARC records for our customers. While Wiley cannot accommodate all requests for customized records, OCLC may provide a service which you can utilize. Please visit this OCLC webpage for more details.

Should you need assistance in obtaining an OCLC WorldShare authorization or retrieving your files(s) you may contact OCLC customer support at support@oclc.org. Below, please find country-specific support provided by OCLC.

Country Phone Email
United States1-800-848-5800 support@oclc.org
Canada1-888-658-6583 canada@oclc.org
Mexico01-800-099-0492 mexico@oclc.org
Jamaica1-877-617-9517 americalatina@oclc.org
Trinidad and Tobago1-800-206-3671 americalatina@oclc.org
Peru0800-55373 americalatina@oclc.org

Country Phone Email
United Kingdom and Ireland+44-(0) 114 267 support-uk@oclc.org
Netherlands, Belgium & Luxembourg+31-(0)71-524 66 00 support-nl@oclc.org
Germany & Austria+49-(0)1805-468 747 support-de@oclc.org
Switzerland+41-(0)61-378 80 75 support-ch@oclc.org

Country / Region Phone Email
Asia Pacific+1-614-764-6099 AsiaPacific@oclc.org
Australia and New Zealand+61 (0) 3 9929 0800 support-anz@oclc.org

For other enquiries on Wiley MARC records please contact: marcrecords@wiley.com


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