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One of the largest archives of its kind issued by a single publisher, the complete Wiley-Blackwell backfile includes over 18 million pages across more than 900 titles. Our content is deep, with coverage extending to Volume 1, Issue 1, including issues dating back to the eighteenth century. Our content is unparalleled in its breadth, encompassing the complete range of scientific, technical, medical, business, humanities and social science disciplines. Wiley-Blackwell backfiles feature many of the top-tier and earliest journals in their respective field with almost half of our titles published on behalf of academic and professional societies.

Backfile issues are integrated with current online journal content, online books, databases, and reference works and offer the same flexible search, retrieval and printing capabilities. Articles are presented as full-text PDFs with XML-based headers, abstracts and references which take users to related material published both before and after the citing article.

  • Pick and choose backfiles for individual journal titles
  • Purchase Subject Collections, giving you access to the complete backfile in a specific discipline
  • If you have already purchased any of the Wiley Backfile Collections, you can supplement them with access to the additional titles at a special discount
  • All titles and Collections are available for a one-time fee with no running costs, providing you with perpetual access to the years of content bought
  • Volume discounts are available depending on your order total

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Backfiles Available through JSTOR

The backfiles of more than 60 Wiley-Blackwell journals are available through JSTOR.

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Incomplete Backfiles/Missing Content

Sourcing of backfile volumes for digitization can be difficult for some journals and for older material in particular. Rather than delaying publication we will publish some journal backfiles with a maximum of 2% of issues missing while we locate those issues for digitization.

If you spot any missing issues or articles within a digitized backfile, please let us know by contacting

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