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Wiley Online Library offers registered users the ability to sign up for these different types of e-mail alerts:

  • Content Alerts - receive the table of contents (e-TOC) for selected journals whenever a new issue is published. This also includes receipt of Early View and Accepted Article alerts as soon as the articles appear online (for journals which have these features)
  • Select this feature from the homepage for the Journals you want to receive alerts for.

  • RSS Feeds - receive automated messages of the latest table of contents for your favorite journals.
  • You can also select this from the homepage for the Journals you want to receive RSS feeds for.

  • Saved Search Alerts - receive notification whenever content is published online that matches one of your saved searches
  • Select this feature from the Advanced Search page.

Additionally, there are various email lists for librarians, researchers, and those with specialized subject interests which individuals can subscribe to for ongoing updates on the content of interest on Wiley Online Library.

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Note that, in strict accordance with our Privacy Policy (, Wiley will always respect your e-mail privacy and never sell, rent, or exchange your e-mail address to any outside company.


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